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My Mewtwo collection so far.....

Oct. 4th, 2007 | 01:06 pm
mood: bouncy bouncy

Well i've loved  Mewtwo  since i was 6 years old.....a long time i kno^^
But recently i've had the notion to buy some  Mewtwo stuff off of the web......here's some stuff i have......i will be updating it soon coz i have some Mewtwo stuff 2 cum, and soon i'll post my Mew collection^^                click on an image 2 enlarge.


Bandai Mewtwo figure  Bandai Mewtwo phone charm Banpresto Mewtwo plush - dangerously cute!  Battle Frontier Mewtwo action figure         Candy Pokeball Mewtwo figure  Mewtwo plush - VERY common!  
Japanese Mewtwo candy topper  Mewtwo Light-up keyring     Nintendo Mewtwo figure Mewtwo Slider figure    TOMY Mewtwo figure TOMY Plastic Mewtwo figure      10th Anniversary Mewtwo figure set Hardees cup topper  small yellow figure Mewtwo charm figure thingy lol  gold plastic tiny figure  Mewtwo eraser (white) without a right arm!   Mewtwo eraser (blue) Mewtwo eraser   Mewtwo eraser (white) Mewtwo rubbery keychain       
Mewtwo #150 mug Mewtwo sticker 1.  Mewtwo sticker 2.   Mewtwo 'Psyburn' card   
'Mewtwo Strikes Back' Novelization  

More to cum soon^^